Belated Class Summary! February 20th 2018

On the last episode of EDU-646, Design and Production of Educational Spaces, we had the opportunity to watch some of the interviews we that we conducted to different professionals in the architecture and educational fields. But, before that, we took the opportunity to discuss the schedule for the coming weeks.  Our meetings will be conducted […]

Educational Environments: A 3D Animation Specialist’s Perspective

An interview with Fernando Montilla.  He’s the director of the 3D Animation Studio (StudioLab), at the University of the Sacred Heart in San Juan, PR.  He gives us his view, as a 3D animation specialist, on how educational environments and their efficient design can influence us. For more information related to StudioLab please visit: Interview […]

Articles that matter! A view into the future of Educational Environments!

The potential of games-based environments for learning This article gives us an overview of the benefits offered by integrating videogames into a learning environment.  It also mentions great examples of four educational experiences, three of which are interactive environments and one is a national Australian videogame design competition that promotes the use of STEM skills. […]